TikTok! Part 2 of a series on TikTok, BookTok, and the Joy of Live Recording

Yesterday, I crossed the threshold of 23 thousand followers on TikTok. Why? A few things stuck out to me when I asked people why they follow me.

  1. Consistency. I am recording LIVE Monday through Thursday, 10 AM to 11 AM Mountain Time
  2. Transparency. People get to see what it is like behind the scenes – bloopers and all.
  3. I laugh. A LOT. There have been polls created by moderators talking about how much I get the giggles. People like to predict when and if it will happen. It’s actually really fun.

As someone who did not want to do ONE MORE THING with social media, I have found TikTok to be a great community for audiobook lovers. I believe narrators will shape this particular platform in coming years. Well, until the next thing does.